Online classifieds

Classifieds present a form of advertising common for newspapers, online and different periodicals that can be sold or distributed free of charge. Online classifieds are much cheaper than larger advertisements placed by businesses or private individuals, who wish to sell or buy single items. Classifieds are usually charged for depending on their length. They usually don’t comprise any pictures or graphics; however, sometimes a logo can be met, especially on-line.
Classified advertisements have this name as they are grouped under headings, classifying a service being offered or a product, for instance, Clothing, Automobiles, Sale, Accounting, For Rent, etc. Classified advertising has found its way to Internet as well as most forms of printed media. Online classifieds have many advantages: they can be longer, as the pricing may have other than per-line model, they are searchable, unlike printed version in newspapers, urgent (as you don’t need to wait the edition of the periodical), focused mainly on the local area.
With the development of companies and sites, special sites comprising online classifieds were created. is a great example, one of the first sites that became the largest source of classifieds. Over 14 million of visitors were visiting this site a month. Special marketplaces online were created to provide more effective and fast classified advertising.

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