Job advertisements

Special attention is required to writing job advertisements. Why? Your future candidate or future place of work depends on it. Nobody likes spending hours for not needed interviews and wasting precious time on people or companies that don’t meet their needs.

First, you need to complete a job analysis and description. This will attract candidates to your company or employer to you. Second, develop an interesting job title. A chosen title will determine most part of the success of your advertisement. The content of your job advertisement becomes inefficient, when no candidate clicks on your ad to read it. The competitive advantage coming next – a paragraph of why your company is good to work at, or why you are needed to the company. Describe the duties an applicant will perform and follow with his/her routine day. If you an employee, it is time to write about your abilities, skills and professional field. Describe job requirements, work environment and opportunities with benefits, this will attract more employees. In job requirements create a point “must have” that will save you from unneeded applicants. As an employee, emphasize all your strong points and experience.
Finally add your contact information, making sure the applicants or the employer will reach you.

Online sites provide generous space for advertising. However, make sure your job advertisements are no longer than 500 words each, as you may bore the reader with too many details; be specific and laconic. Always keep in mind ‘less is more’.

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