Funny advertisements

Funny advertisements have become very popular today. It is one of the creative strategies used to obtain consumer’s attention and provoke people to buy or use this specific product, or service that is being offered.

Creative strategies can be roughly divided into three descriptions: weak strategies, mid-strength strategies and strong strategies. Funny advertisements with brilliant humor belong to the strong strategies as the images of a funny advertising deeply set in the minds of consumers. It is in human psychology to react this way on funny things in everyday life with its grey colors and seriousness. It is like a sip of fresh air. We like to remember what makes us smile. That is why this sort of advertising is bright, remarkable and simply interesting. It cannot leave people indifferent and thus the sales promotion works. Humor is indeed a way to go for a successful advertisement.

In most of the cases funny advertisements are print ads, but can also be met on billboards and television. Good design of the picture catches attention, it communicates meaning effectively, it communicates what words simply cannot and it certainly intrigues.

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