Advertisements examples

If you are really interested in advertising, then discovering methods and advertisements examples will be very helpful.

Creating Characters. This method is considered one of the best in modern advertising and lies in creation of the character that will become synonymous with the product or brand you need to promote. However, to ensure the brand recall with this character, you need to have it for a long time. One of great examples is The Michelin Man or Bibendum who has been a mascot of the company for more than hundreds of years.

Celebrities’ Power: a method most overused today. Very often, involving a celebrity to promote your product is an easy way to attract all the fans of the celebrity. What counts here is the right scenario for a star in your advertisement, provided by the advertising agency. A great example to provide here is Genworth Financial advertisement where a young boy beats Taylor Dent at a tennis game, later revealed he is a son of Steffi Graf and Andre Aggasi. ‘The right genes make all the difference’ was used as the tag-line for Genworth Financial.

Exaggerating products and their use is also a great advertising method as it captures consumers’ attention. One of the sticking advertisements examples is a man eating the candies being swollen by a large M&M candy.

Buzzmarketing that was not considered an effective technique in advertising has proved its efficiency. Good examples are Blair Witch Project and Hotmail campaigns.

Shocking the viewer is a very effective method of advertisements as here the interest to a product appears as the ad provides a shift in potential consumer’s comfort zone. Using metaphors and appealing the emotions of the audience also has great results.

Choose the most successful ads and follow these advertisements examples.

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