Advertisements examples

If you are really interested in advertising, then discovering methods and advertisements examples will be very helpful.

Creating Characters. This method is considered one of the best in modern advertising and lies in creation of the character that will become synonymous with the product or brand you need to promote. However, to ensure the brand recall with this character, you need to have it for a long time. One of great examples is The Michelin Man or Bibendum who has been a mascot of the company for more than hundreds of years.
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Funny advertisements

Funny advertisements have become very popular today. It is one of the creative strategies used to obtain consumer’s attention and provoke people to buy or use this specific product, or service that is being offered.

Creative strategies can be roughly divided into three descriptions: weak strategies, mid-strength strategies and strong strategies. Funny advertisements with brilliant humor belong to the strong strategies as the images of a funny advertising deeply set in the minds of consumers. It is in human psychology to react this way on funny things in everyday life with its grey colors and seriousness. It is like a sip of fresh air. We like to remember what makes us smile. Continue reading

Job advertisements

Special attention is required to writing job advertisements. Why? Your future candidate or future place of work depends on it. Nobody likes spending hours for not needed interviews and wasting precious time on people or companies that don’t meet their needs.

First, you need to complete a job analysis and description. This will attract candidates to your company or employer to you. Second, develop an interesting job title. A chosen title will determine most part of the success of your advertisement. The content of your job advertisement becomes inefficient, when no candidate clicks on your ad to read it. The competitive advantage coming next – a paragraph of why your company is good to work at, or why you are needed to the company. Continue reading

Post free ads

Today Internet offers a great variety of sites that provide the possibility to post free ads for anyone. Free advertising is what you can do when you don’t have enough money or no money at all. Many interesting things and important events are advertised just by posting them on-line.

You can look on-line for a site that will suit you the best. Most of the sites are easy to navigate and use. They offer you the fast work of the site, where you can post your ad in several seconds; no registration is required; you can add and remove your content instantly from the site. Continue reading

Online classifieds

Classifieds present a form of advertising common for newspapers, online and different periodicals that can be sold or distributed free of charge. Online classifieds are much cheaper than larger advertisements placed by businesses or private individuals, who wish to sell or buy single items. Classifieds are usually charged for depending on their length. They usually don’t comprise any pictures or graphics; however, sometimes a logo can be met, especially on-line. Continue reading